Restaurang Printz har stängt ner sin verksamhet i Mall Of Scandinavia för att öppna upp i city under 2018.

Vi vill tacka alla gäster som har varit hos oss på Mall Of Scandinavia och välkomna alla till vår nya cityrestaurang.

Vi kommer löpande uppdatera med mer info.

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Hälsningar Printz


Håll koll på Printz. Anmäl dig till vårt nyhetsbrev.

Mall of Scandinavia

On November 12 2015, Printz first opened in the brand new Mall of Scandinavia. Here you’ll be able to enjoy our first Printz Sausagery & Grill — a different kind of hot-dog stand.

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Printz Sausagery


The sausagery at Printz is the heart of our business. Here we perfect our sausage recipes, crafted from the finest cuts of meat, fresh seafood, and seasonal vegetables.

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At Printz, we pride ourselves on our sausage craftsmanship. Our goal is simple: to serve the most delicious sausage with bread you have ever experienced. Whether that be with us at the grill or at home after purchasing our delicacies.

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Events & Courses


There are many possibilities to have a truly unique experience at Printz. Would you like help planning or coming up with ideas? We are more …

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Printz Dining Room


In our dining room, you will find long tables to accommodate 12 people, whether you come alone or in a large group. You can also book a smaller table. The menu is designed so that you can seamlessly order for yourself or share multiple dishes between friends.

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About Printz


Printz was born out of a simple idea: people love sausage, especially when paired with beer. Sausage and beer both require exquisite craftsman-
ship. At the same time, the process is so well-defined, that anyone with an interest can learn to make sausage and brew beer.

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Printz Bar

Printz Bar

The bar at Printz has over 180 different beers to choose from. The selection changes often to create a dynamic meeting place for those with a love of beer. And not just beer. The bar also offers an impressive selection of wines.

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The long journey to a great sausage

Den långa resan mot en bra korv

A lot must happen before the meat, shellfish, and fish arrive at the sausagery. One must find the right supplier or butcher, select the perfect animal, and choose the ideal cut of meat. Then the recipe. Balancing the ratio of meat to fat is paramount.

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Photographs at Printz

Fotografier på Printz

In a collaboration with Link Image Art Edition, we are showing works from some of Sweden’s most renown photographers, featuring names such as Hans Gedda, Denise Grünstein, Tuija Lindström, Andreas Kock and Martina Hoogland Ivanow.

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Printz Gift card


A gift card from Printz is great present for anyone who loves sausage and beer. Gift cards can be redeemed at the bar, in the restaurant, or in our deli.

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Printz on the radar

Printz på gång

More Printz restaurants and sausage grills are on the way. During the fall/winter of 2016/2017 we are opening a Printz right in the heart of Stockholm.

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